Trios Technologies has strong partnerships with emerging electronic manufacturing company in India and well connected with the local eco-system with a specialization in quick turnaround of Prototypes and low to medium scale production with quality management standards. We cater to all Electronic manufacturing requirements including PCB fabrication, sourcing of components, PCB assembly, Product assembly, Board Harnessing, Testing, Packaging and Shipment -Logistics. We have access to the state of the art PCB fabrication facility, a dedicated highly skilled professional team for procurement of high- quality low-cost electronic components, and PCB assembly units to meet the requirements of our customers.

As a complete Product Development Company, we have deep knowledge of Design for Manufacturing, Design for testing, and Design for assembly guidelines that applied across all the projects undertaken by Trios Technologies to minimize errors and avoid re-spin of the boards. Our facility provides complete full turnkey manufacturing solutions from prototyping support, pre-production to mass production. We offer cost-effective, high mix, low to medium volume, and complex manufacturing solutions to our customers..

Our Services includes:

PCB Fabrication

We produces single and multi-layer rigid PCBs for quick turn-around time and Low cost panels for mass manufacturing of circuit boards.

PCB Assembly

We provide PCB assembly and Product assembly services with the Highest Quality and on-time delivery for surface mount, through hole and press-Fit technology.

We focus on Engineering prototypes, NPI, Rapid Prototyping, Low-mid Volume manufacturing with Quick turnaround time.

Supports Single-sided, Double-sided, Surface mount assembly and Through-hole PCBA Assembly PCBA Assembly of surface mount and through hole components on Rigid, Flexible, and Flex-Rigid PCB's.

PCB assembly services backed by highly skilled professionals and processes. A comprehensive multi- stage QC process ensures consistent quality and high production yield.

Mechanical Design

We do simple to complex enclosures designs, 3-D printing for rapid prototyping, sheet metal fabrication works, Mechanical tools and die making for injection moulding utilizing our partner network.

Product Testing

Our team can produce the required Test Zigs for board level and product level testing and mass manufacturing. The required test software for testing and test automation will be carried out by our team during Manufacturing to deliver a fully tested product for direct field deployments.