VLSI DESIGN The world of VLSI involves miniaturization at levels so great, that a micrometer and a microsecond are literally considered huge. In the recent past, due to the advancements and demands posted by technology, VLSI has grown by leaps and bounds. Over the years VLSI design has evolved to become a well-coordinated methodology of the different design stages.Now it has become a vital part of Integrated circuit development. We provide VLSI based services and solutions in the areas of Wireless communication, video processing, Automation, Networking, Memory interfacing and Ultralow power Applications through sophisticated high performance hardware and software systems. We have proven our Proficiency in all the aspects of FPGA and ASIC designing using the entire spectrum of EDA. Our areas of expertise include: • Functional and Gate-Level Verification
• RTL synthesis
• FPGA board design
• ASIC design Our domain proficiency and experience offers a wide scope for customer engagement. We believe in delivering reliable, high quality services that are centered on the client’s functional specifications and performance requirements.
We are committed to the establishment and continuous improvement of our systems and processes aimed at satisfying our customers' evolving needs. We embrace a total quality philosophy with emphasis on • Reliable technology
• Quality
• Service and
• Affordability We strive to make innovative solutions available to our customers at minimized total costs.

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