Product Engineering

Trios team comes with vast experience in Product Development. Our product engineering team could work with a simple product idea or a problem statement or from a clear technical specification of a product. Trios Hardware engineers can build products from the concept to the production. We design hardware platforms for different requirements ranging from small formfactor designs to complex PCB designs. Our very well defined and practiced design methodology helps in reducing time to market without compromising the performance.

Trios team with its vast experience in Product Development handles all stages of work from creating specs, Schematics entry, PCB layout, Mechanical design, Prototyping, and Manufacturing.

Our system software team’s skill set ranges from programming simple MCUs to programming Microprocessors with real- time operating systems. We develop all the necessary low- level system software to initialize the hardware peripherals and integrate them to the OS internals with our deep understanding and familiarity. Hence the team’s experience helps in overcoming today’s business challenges of reducing size and complexities delivering next-gen embedded engineering solutions. At Trios, we do embedded systems software development for new products, and also provide embedded systems development support for the existing ones. We work from architecture stage till the manufacturing and provide various services as listed below.

Firmware & RTOS Services

  • Software Integration
  • Flashing and Testing Tools
  • Sensor and Field Emulators
  • Remote Connectivity
  • Protocol Integration
  • Remote monitoring and control
  • Remote Device Management
  • Cloud Integration
  • Secured connectivity

Focus Areas - IOT

Internet of Things is not a buzzword anymore; many enterprises are investing in Industrial IoT technologies to get access to their business and production operations. However IoT is a complex and deep technology which requires significant investment; But before investment, you should assess the ROI of your investment. We are here to help you to assess your readiness and predict the ROI. Reach us for the best results.

Software Services in IOT

  • Firmware development for IoT Nodes
  • Embedded Linux BSP for Gateways
  • Application development for Gateways
  • Build and Test Automation for Gateways and Nodes
  • Cloud Applications development
  • Cloud & Integration with Service Providers
  • Remote Communication Protocol using MQTT, COAP, HTTP
  • Secured Communication to Cloud using SSL
  • Interfacing Digital and Analog Sensors
  • Interfacing Pre-processed IOs from Serial Sensors
  • Remote Sensors through Modbus, BLE and Zigbee
  • High Speed Data Acquisition and Data Coalescing

Focus Areas - Wireless Networks

With increased use of smart phones and wearable devices, Trios is well-poised, with its extensive experience in wireless engineering like device testing, protocol stack development, Model development and technology evaluation. We have strong expertise in the following wireless technologies.

  • BLE
  • LORA
  • Wi-Fi



Client Overview

Malaysia Based Company with core activities like generation, transmission and distribution of electricity

Business Scenario

A wearable glove for an operator that finds excess of electric and magnetic field near the transformers. Range of the glove that identifies the signal should be before 50 meters of transformers. Heartbeat of operators also be monitored


Electric and magnetic field was identified before 50 meters and buzzer was added as Alarm to the operator.Heartbeat of the operator is monitored in the glove and was transferred to the Android APP using Bluetooth.