smart lock


smart lock

Touch-Less operation and remote working has become the new normal in this Covid19 pandemic..

Trios Smart Lock takes the Hotel room access to a next level with touch-less and key-less entry to their rooms. Utilizing the smart gadgets in the hands of consumers and combining the latest technologies in hardware, software, IOT- Internet of things and cloud computing, this Smart Lock provides a unique solution to the Hospitality industry.

Hotel guests can book their rooms and get the key codes online to their Smart Phones. A simple Mobile App would enable the door locks to open while the guest is in front of his room and the door. The same Mobile app would facilitate the check in, check out, adding additional services, extension of the stay etc., without waiting for an operator or any phone calls to the front desk.

Hotel Managers and Owners gain more control and accountability of their assets and the guests. It reduces the resource overhead and manual operations and interventions at the premise. Guests can gain access to Hotel main gate and walk to their rooms independently. Similarly the room service team and other vendors can perform their duties independently. Every activity will be registered and stored in the cloud for providing reports to the business Owner/Manager when required and enter their room requires a mobile key. The Smartphone uses the WI-FI to communicate with a 'smart lock’. It is also being done using Bluetooth.