At Trios, we initiated a project work, to address the rising needs of Covid19 pandemic. Frequent cleaning of hands at work place and all of the public places has become the new normal. It’s mandatory to enter any premise after sanitizing hands.

We developed a simple solution the Automatic Hand Sanitizer. It dispenses controlled volume of sanitizer solution while hand is placed in the dispensing area. We made it simple and an interactive experience for users. They function to conserve the amount of sanitizer used without much spills or splashes around the area and motivates people to use it and stops the spread of viruses through surface.

Touch less and Fully Automatic

No use of hands to press a button or lever while sanitizing means safer and more hygienic disinfection of hands. You simply show your hand in the dispensing area marked where it sprays the correct amount of sanitizer every time and becomes ready for the next person in 3 seconds.

Quick Sanitizing Process

To facilitate smooth usage, one can adjust the volume of the spray mist/sanitizer that will be dispensed. Also, its Zero Drop design minimizes leakage and ensures high precision for disinfecting hands. It sprays the right amount of sanitizer and also becomes ready for the next person quickly within 3 seconds.


Mounting Wall-mounting
Electrical Input 230 V AC
Capacity of Sanitizer 1 L
Dispensing Qty. Adjustable amount (1-1.5 ml)
Working Voltage 24 V DC-1.5 A
Auto Sensing Distance (range required) 200 mm to 250 mm
Sensing Time 200mS typical between sensing 3 seconds gap is required
Sensor Type ULTRA SONIC Sensor
Net Weight 3 kg
Total Power Consumption 40 W